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Curvature offers a complete turnkey solution to your product development needs. We specialize in mechanical design and all things CAD related. We help our clients develop both consumer & industrial products alike. From "art to part". Just bring us your idea, and we will make it a reality! 


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Why Curvature CAD & Design?

Being a design consultancy has taught us how to stay nimble, cutting edge, and highly efficient. Being faster, providing higher quality, using better tools, and re-thinking how we do things on a continual basis is the way we stay ahead of our competition. Our pricing and lead times are hard to beat!
Experience matters! Curvature was founded in 2005, but the owner has worked in the field as a designer/draftsman since 1990. From injection molded plastic parts to structural steel weldments and everything in between. We know what we are doing, because we have been at this for a long time! We are masters of complex surface modeling of organic shapes. That’s the hard stuff that so many CAD guys can’t do. Industrial Designers love to work with us, because our CAD models actually look like the original illustrations!
Unlike many of the less experienced firms, we understand what happens on the other side of the CAD and design phase. We know how to design parts that will actually work in the real world and can actually be produced. We don’t release files that can’t be manufactured and charge you anyway. We stand behind our designs and CAD models.
We don’t just take your money and disappear for weeks, only to show up with a design you are unhappy with. We understand that design is a process, and we work closely with our clients providing regular design reviews hosted in a web meeting environment where we can closely review the model together as a team. You will always have a clear understanding of what we are working on, how your project is coming along, and which direction we are going.



To provide a top notch service to each and every one of my clients. To be fair and upfront with my billing and charging. To be creative, efficient, and honest with every project I take on. 


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About Me

MY name is chris miller

I am the owner operator of Curvature. I have been working with engineers, designers, and industrial designers since 1990. I have completed countless projects in just about every industry from material handling to consumer sport products. Curvature is my passion built on a life's work. I built my reputation and this consultancy the good old fashioned way. With hard work, attention to detail, and an uncompromising dedication to customer satisfaction.